How to travel safely

The key to going through life like Teflon is to first and foremost: make the conscious decision about your health and well-being as a guarantee.  Then focus on the second aspect: do not worry about what other people think, but do focus on how you respond and react to your environment.

I was already traveling in Canada in February 2020 when I made a decision to fly to San Diego on March 14th, ending up in the Shelter in Place mode at our family home for the next few months. 

Trying to find a flight back to Monaco, where I reside, was no easy task. Flights would be sold, and then cancelled - sometimes with no notice.  I learned to book flights and then regularly check the status to be ready to find alternatives.  Finally, I was able to fly back to Monaco with a series of flights through some virus hotspots: San Diego to Dallas, Dallas to London Heathrow, and then London to Nice, France.  From there, I arranged a private driver to bring me home to my residence in Monaco.

I know that masks are debated in usefulness and efficacy, but I have already made the decision that I will not contract this virus, and using the laws of attraction, that means each of my subsequent actions are building up and maintaining that reality for me.

Armed with a face shield, safety glasses, three layer 100% cotton masks (I carried several, to change them every 4 hours), headband for comfort, airplane seat cover, pillow cover,...along with alcohol gel, wipes, gloves (for cleaning the seat and surfaces only) and a portable UV wand...I knew I was not going to be under any risk, and I just act as if everyone around me has nasty things I don't want to catch.

If you see my photo, I looked like a storm trooper, and if people were looking at me - I relished it as envy for how much stylish protection I was wearing, while they were probably beginning to doubt their flimsy surgical mask tucked under their nose. 

Masked Production brings you the same quality and style that I use myself, to protect myself in this pandemic and always.  I have always traveled with anti-germ protection products (airplane seat cover, wipes and gels) and now I have supplemented with additional items that secure my health above all others, no matter how all the others are behaving.

Be well, be strong, and keep living in style...

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